Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a suburb in the state of Los Angeles, Ca. Beverly Hills is surrounded by the cities of West Hollywood, Century City, and the Santa Monica Mountains. According to the 2020 census, the population of Beverly Hills was 32,701 people.

The city has a subtropical climate, with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. It is considered one of nine historic resorts in Southern California and is one of the few remaining places that Victorian Los Angeles might have been.

The Beverly Hills Oil Field and the Rodeo Drive commercial district are both located in the city. In 1784, six years before California became a state, Spanish explorer Jose Maria Verdugo died there while attempting to establish a ranch on what was then called El Rancho de la Nacion.

Beverly Hills was incorporated in 1914 by a vote of its residents.

By that time, the city had already taken the name that is now associated with it, derived from Beverly Farms in Massachusetts and named after an estate there owned by former New York governor Horace Gray.

The first mayor of Beverly Hills was William H. Workman, who served from 1914 -1917.

The city became home to many actors and celebrities in the early 20th century, with most living in large bungalows along curving streets that are now part of the Beverly Hills Hotel district.

The neighborhood is known as “the golden triangle” because it is bordered by the city’s three most expensive streets – Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and South Santa Monica Boulevard. Beverly Hills is one of the wealthiest communities in America.

Beverly Hills is home to many famous celebrities, among them actors/actresses, athletes, singers/musicians, and even some former presidents.

According to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in the city is $106,936, and the median income for a family is $150,000 – 225000. As of 2000, males had a median income of $100,000+ versus $75,000 for females.

Landmarks in this area include the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and the Rodeo Drive shopping district. Due to its entertainment industry and major tourist attraction, it is one of California’s most widely known and visited cities. For another exciting neighborhood in Los Angeles, check out San Fernando Valley.

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