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Set yourself up for success and call on our team of financial experts to help manage your business more efficiently. We provide unparalleled transparency and access to your financial records at all times, giving you the assurance you need to focus on developing and growing your business.

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Entity Structuring

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Are you interested in starting a business? The location and type of entity structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation) chosen for your new venture will determine the long term tax liabilities and legal implications you face. As one of the most important decisions in the business planning phase, seeking the advice of an experienced professional who understands the various rules and filing requirements is crucial. We work with entrepreneurs to establish entity structuring that is best suited for their specific business model.

Cash Flow Management

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As the lifeline of any start-up, cash flow maintenance requires vigilant monitoring and meticulous management. After conducting a thorough financial analysis, we will develop a strategy aimed at increasing the efficiency and value of your company. Let us help put you on the road to success towards cash flow optimization and sustainability so that you can achieve the short and long term goals for your business.

Royalty Tracking

Business Management Services - Royalty Tracking at Neumeister & Associates, LLP

Individuals working in the entertainment field face certain industry-specific accounting and bookkeeping challenges. One of the most common is accurate royalty tracking. Our associates have the expertise to ensure that your talent and hard work are being properly accounted for and compensated for. We have worked with various entertainment professionals including musicians, actors, and athletes. We offer peace of mind service for all of your financial needs so that you can focus on developing and expressing your craft.

Personal Financial Statements

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Are you considering a major life change and interested in finding out where you stand financially? Preparing a financial statement is the first step in getting your finances back on track. In addition to preparing financial statements for businesses, we also provide this tool for individual use. With our one-on-one services, we provide and review with you a comprehensive report that outlines your assets, liabilities, expenses, etc. and details our recommendations. We can help you develop a conscientious and pragmatic plan to tackle the financial challenges of the future head-on.

Insurance Coverage

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Maintaining proper insurance coverage and having an established continuity plan in place are essential to surviving the fallout from a disaster. Despite knowing the everyday risks, an alarming proportion of businesses in the United States remain underinsured and underprepared. Our team specializes in proactive risk management for businesses against internal and external threats – this includes conducting a threat assessment, performing asset valuation, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage for your business, and developing a prevention and mitigation strategy.

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Business Management Services - Neumeister & Associates, LLP

We offer a wide range of services that go hand-in-hand with tax preparation and planning, including bookkeeping for your business, payroll services, and preparation of tax-ready financial statements. Contact us for more information and ask us how you can bundle multiple services into a custom package that best fits your personal and business needs.

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