Cryptocurrency Anonymus Trading

Blockchain technologies eliminate the need for a centralized authority to guarantee information integrity and ownership, as well as to mediate transactions and the exchange of digital assets, by allowing safe and pseudo-anonymous transactions and direct agreements between participants.

cryptocurrency anonymous trading


Many individuals believe Bitcoin transactions are anonymous or untraceable, according to Ben Weiss, the co-founder, and COO of CoinFlip, the world’s top Bitcoin ATM operator, who stated in June 2021 that they were just misunderstanding the digital currency’s mechanism. Weiss, speaking at a Webinar on digital assets, stated that the world’s oldest money is not anonymous, but may be regarded as pseudo-anonymous at most.
You can’t acquire a substantial amount of Bitcoin without KYC, ID, or driver’s license, according to Weiss. There are practically no transactions if there are no identification checks.


Not just Bitcoin, but even the most anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero, DASH, and Verge may be tracked to some extent. The reason is that every single transaction is recorded and preserved on a ledger, which is accessible to anybody. The ledger records the amount of the transaction, the moment it occurred, and even the wallets from which the funds were sent and received.
The basic fact is that you are only anonymous if you have not transacted or traded in a cryptocurrency. When you do that, your wallet is added to the ledger and, as a result, to the record books.

So How Do Hackers Do It?

Services such as VPNs or Tor

Both VPN and Tor services are meant to protect the user’s privacy and may be used to do so. Researchers, journalists, corporations, governments, and others utilize these technologies for both safety and privacy. Many Bitcoin users with comparable worries utilize them as well. Many ransomware decryption tools are located on Tor as secret services. During Bitcoin transaction requests, VPNs are frequently used to disguise personal information. By utilizing an alternative IP address or geo-location, both VPN and Tor can disguise the personal data of the user conducting a transaction, which is occasionally modifiable by the user.

New Bitcoin Addresses for Each Transaction

If 50% or more of the network is not working together to make changes, the blockchain is functionally unchangeable. All transactions may be effectively traced back to their commencement. It becomes harder to verify links between addresses for users who use various addresses for each transaction. The connection is fundamentally known when addresses are reused. Users will make it simple for any third party to track transactions to and from that address. Their actions are simple to follow. If their identities are linked to their addresses, further investigation of the context might lead to the identification of other addresses used by the same person.


Tumblers and mixers are words that are sometimes used interchangeably. They’re services that help to muddle the trail of Bitcoin transactions by linking unrelated funds using a variety of approaches. The money can be “cleaned” using a tumbler if the anonymity of an address has been hacked or, in other words, polluted. The link between the user’s identity and the new addresses might be jumbled, giving anonymity a fresh start. Any information gathered previous to the mix cannot be undone by the mixer. Users transmit the Bitcoins they wish to “clean” to the tumbler, which then mixes them with Bitcoins from other users in a pool before returning the cash to its owners.

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