There are a number of things you need to consider when trading cryptocurrencies. Whether you need help with reporting your gains and losses to the IRS or are looking for financial advice around cryptocurrency, we’re here to help.

Cryptocurrency Services

Gain/Loss Calculations

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Every cryptocurrency transaction that results in capital gains or losses is considered a taxable event and thus, thorough tracking and documentation are important for accurate gain/loss calculation. For some investors, this can involve hundreds or even thousands of transactions over the course of a year, quickly becoming a complicated and confusing accounting situation. Whatever your level of cryptocurrency involvement, we can assist in unraveling a complex array of crypto transactions, determine your net gains/losses, and keep you prepared when tax time rolls around. 

Tax Reporting

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 Due to the ongoing loose regulation of the industry and the continued debate over the legality of digital currency ownership, many people remain confused about cryptocurrency tax implications. However, failure to report capital gains, even unknowingly, is considered tax fraud and could end up costing you significantly. Our team can help you understand your investment classification, maintain thorough documentation, fill out the proper forms, and ultimately ensure you achieve and maintain tax compliance with the IRS

ICO Support

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 Are you looking to raise capital for your cryptocurrency start-up? While billions of dollars continue to be poured into this space, investors are becoming increasingly cautious/selective and there are many challenges to face when raising money through an ICO. Unlike an IPO (Initial Public Offering), an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) generally lacks regulation and this may leave you with questions about how to proceed. Let our financial experts guide you through the process – from setting a realistic budget to financial security structuring and optimizing your tax categorization, we can improve your ICO potential.

Bill Pay

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With the additional option of ‘bill pay,’ Neumeister & Associates truly is a one-stop-shop for all of your business accounting needs. As financial experts with unparalleled focus, trustworthiness, and organization, our CPAs can alleviate some of the burdens of your hectic schedule by managing accurate and timely payments for both recurring and non-recurring bills. For ease of access and simplified organization of your accounting records, we also maintain electronic images of all invoices paid.

Training and Education

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We offer CPE (continuing professional education) for accountants and MCLE (minimum continuing legal education) for attorneys. We can also provide general training in QuickBooks and Excel.

Looking for more?

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Visit our Business Management, Consulting, Tax, and Cryptocurrency pages for a list of other services we provide. Contact us for more information and ask us how you can bundle multiple services into a custom package that best fits your personal and business needs.

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