Forensic Accounting Services in Los Angeles

Commercial Damages


Commercial damages resulting in lost profits and/or decreased business value can be the result of various actions such as breach of contract, patent infringement, product liability, antitrust, and fraudulent disclosure. Our team can evaluate the business and accounting records to quantify the dollar amounts of damages arising out of these or other precipitating events.

Fraud Investigations


With the growing complexity of business and cases of accounting fraud on the rise, we provide essential fraud prevention, detection and investigation services in the public and private sectors. We perform thorough and efficient investigations which include evidence collection and the analysis and interpretation of complex financial data.

Family Law


Marital dissolutions can involve challenging issues when it comes to allocating assets. We can perform post-separation accounting, marital standard of living calculations, perquisite analyses, and assist in computations of income available for support.

Corporate and Partnership Disputes


Outside professional assistance is often necessary to settle disputes between business partners. We can provide a detailed and easy to understand analysis of accounting records in order to identify and quantify the compensation received and business contributions of each partner.

Business Interruption


In our fast-paced society, we know how important it is to keep your business moving. When disaster strikes (fire, flood, property destruction, temporary shutdown, etc.), our forensic accountants are prepared to work with you and your insurance company to assess the claim and calculate loss.

Marketplace and Billing Issues


We provide services in tax, accounting, and auditing malpractice.  Our investigatory team has experience in uncovering financial misreporting and analyzing financial damages.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death


Wrongful death and physical/psychological injury as the result of another person or an organization’s negligence/misconduct may warrant legal compensation. These types of unfortunate incidents can lead to complicated financial questions and situations. Our forensic accountants can assist in your case by performing detailed financial analysis, offering financial counsel, and providing expert witness testimony.

Intellectual Property


Our firm handles cases dealing with intellectual property (IP) infringement. This can include violations against copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.  Our trusted analysts will  will calculate sustained damages and/or unjust enrichment.

Fidelity Bond Claims


Protecting your business with a fidelity bond is vital to safeguarding your assets. When employees commit fraudulent acts (embezzlement, theft, misappropriation of goods), you need a trusted expert in your corner. We aid in the claims process by performing a comprehensive financial investigation with evidence collection, complete data analysis, and timeline preparation in order to identify fraudulent activity, calculating specific loss amounts.  Moving forward, we also offer advice on improving internal controls to prevent future disruptive incidents.

Lost Profits


A myriad of unfortunate situations can result in profit loss for companies or individuals. It requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and experience to evaluate an abundance of financial documents and couple those findings with background information, timeline, industry trends, and economic climate to determine past, current and future financial losses.  Our qualified team is prepared to handle each unique case we are presented with.

Business Valuations


We employ asset, income and market approaches among other sophisticated economic techniques through our means of valuing a business.  Every business is different, but accuracy and attention to detail are vital in the forensic services we offer.  Our highly trained accountants are skilled at studying, interpreting, and verifying financial data.

Litigation Support


In many criminal investigations and lawsuits involving accounting related matters, legal counsel will call upon our associates to help develop case strategies.  Oftentimes by recruiting our services at the start of the process, our team members can reduce some of the time and cost associated with reviewing complex financial documents and quantifying economic damages.

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