How to Know If Your CPA Is the Right CPA for Your Business

Professional Accountants in Los Angeles

Every business operates on a successful accounting track record. It’s how you manage your finances that determine how far your business goes. Some entrepreneurs might think that it’s possible to run the accounting aspect alone, but the truth is that it can be an overwhelming task.

You need someone who has a deep understanding of accountancy to help you execute the job effectively. However, since it’s all about money, you need to know whom to hire for the job.

Even though there may be thousands of accountants around you, it doesn’t mean that each one is suitable for the job. Below are crucial considerations to help you get the right CPA for your business.

Professional Certification and Specialization

Not all accountants have the right CPA certification; neither do they specialize in the same services. That’s why it’s crucial to ask the accountant about the area of specialization and the qualifications.

You want to be sure that the person can offer comprehensive accounting services ranging from tax preparation, filing taxes, forensic expatriate, and individual income tax returns.

The Person Should Have a CPA Identification Number

Any credible CPA needs to be registered with the IRS and needs to possess a Tax Identification Number. Ask the potential candidate if he/she has the IRS number. You can do further research from the IRS Return Preparer Office Directory and authenticate the CPA’s information.

Ensure the Person Has a License

The only sure way to know that the CPAs in Los Angeles will deliver credible services is by hiring someone who has a license. For the best results, search for the information on the State Board of Accountancy. You do not want to risk hiring someone who isn’t fit for the job.

Ask the accountant’s name and use it to search on the platform for the license status. Don’t forget to check the date of issue and expiry and any negative reports such as suspensions and disciplinary matters.

Consider On-the-Job Work Experience

Managing finances needs someone who has in-depth knowledge of all the accounting nitty-gritty. In this case, you need to work with someone who has 15 years of experience and above.

A good example is Jeff Neumeister, who has over 19 years of professional experience working in various large and small organizations. He is well educated and has the right qualification for the job. Jeff is an expert and offers accounting consultancy and financial advisory services.

Many organizations ranging from startups, small entities, high net-worth individuals, holding entities, and middle-market organizations, continue to seek his services either directly or through their retained counsel.

Jeff has resolved several issues ranging from the defense against litigation, uncovering frauds, improving efficiencies, and identifying problems. Contact Jeff and his team at (818) 478-3052 for a free consultation.

They Should Be Willing to Sign

Before hiring a CPA in Los Angeles, confirm that the person will sign your tax return forms and act on your behalf at the IRS and sort out any tax-related issues. If the person is not willing to sign, that’s a red sign, and it’d be best to move on with your search for someone else who is ready to sign.

Look For a Good Advisor

You can’t assume and hire someone who can’t offer advice, opinions, insights, and options for the job. You want to be sure that the CPA in Los Angeles knows what to do and can effectively execute the job without many struggles.

Apart from preparing and filing returns, the person should also plan well and help you maximize every opportunity to save for future taxes. A good CPA must make critical decisions in favor of your company and should be an excellent communicator to represent you well where applicable.

Know the Fees

Different CPAs have various ways of charging clients. Some charge per hour, while others accept a flat fee and others a combination of the two. Your taxes’ complexity is another contributing factor to the fees that you’ll need to pay for the services.
In this case, ensure you clearly understand the accountant’s rates to avoid confusion and other issues. Don’t forget to ask about any additional costs that may not be part of the main charge sheet.

The Bottom Line

While it’s vital to hire an affordable CPA to save money for your business, you need to be sure that the accountant offers credible services. The tips above will guide you in choosing a reputable accountant that will work with your budget and provide top-notch services.

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