Tax Preparation Services: Los Angeles

Get answers to your toughest tax preparation questions — tax laws, tax forms, informational IRS reporting requirements — directly from a 15+ years-experienced tax preparer in Burbank and Los Angeles, CA.

Whether a business or an individual, the fear of:
  • Falling out of compliance
  • Hefty fines and penalties
  • Making tax preparation mistakes
  • Missing out on quicker tax refunds
  • Brand reputational damage
  • Losing your business because of IRS non-compliance

All can be paralyzing. But what if you could never worry about tax preparation? What if you could get answers to year-round tax questions, receive tax guidance, and get strategic plans to resolve all your tax preparation needs?

Choose Neumeister & Associates: Tax Professionals to Handle Nearly All Your Tax Needs

Instead of struggling with tax laws and tax preparation requirements that grow exponentially as personal and business circumstances increase, you can create a tax service relationship.

That way, you’ll leverage the extensive understanding of tax law in California to solve issues with:

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Partnership tax returns
  • Individual tax returns
  • Income tax preparation
  • Marriage tax return
  • Bookkeeping

At Neumeister & Associates, our professional tax preparers will file your returns accurately and on time to avoid any tax implications. Whether you have complicated taxes or hate filing them, our firm is a tax professional and has the right tax preparation service for you.

Our work ensures you don’t fall prey to the IRS, Los Angeles, and California tax authorities. They are determined to levy hefty fines and penalties against non-compliant corporate and individual taxpayers. Call us at (818) 478-3052 to make an appointment or keep reading for all your tax needs.

Tax Preparation Services You’ll Get

While other people lose their time and sanity worrying about tax compliance, you can decide to:

  • Have peace of mind knowing a professional has everything under control
  • Get quicker tax refunds
  • Receive the credits you qualify for
  • Avoid filing an extension or amendment
  • Never pay tax penalties and interest

We have 20+ years of experience dealing with tax situations and can offer you a full range of tax preparation services, such as:

#1. Business Tax Preparation Services

If you’re looking for expert tax accountants to handle your tax planning and preparation, we can offer you a full range of business tax preparation services. Depending on the type of your business, you can get:

  • Business tax preparation: Whether corporate, LLC, self-employed, or small business, we’ll help you report your revenue, expenses, and profits with accuracy to ensure full compliance with federal, state, and local laws.
  • Business startup and entity selection: If you’re launching your business, we can help you select the best entity under which to operate. We can also help your register your business and set up your accounting system.
  • Tax planning and Projection: We can help your business make informed short-term and long-term financial planning through strategic tax preparation. The approach will help you discover current and future opportunities.
  • Non-profit tax preparation services: We have tax accountants specialized in all non-profit tax strategies, including retaining tax-exempt status, tax planning, and preparing Federal Form 990.
  • Quicker tax refunds with E-files: Our accounting firm can help you get a tax refund faster by filing your tax as soon as possible and tracking your refund.
  • Representation with government agencies: We’ll offer expert representation on your behalf for all business income tax matters before the respective state or federal agency.

We can help your business solve nearly all tax liabilities. Our experts will plan and monitor your business’ tax to avoid uncertainty or non-compliance.

As a result, your business will wade through the labyrinth of complex business tax preparation and tax rules. You won’t worry about incurring unnecessary expenses, reputational damage, or losing your business because of non-compliance.

#2. Individual Tax Preparation Services

Planning, preparing, and paying income tax can be complicated and stressful. But Neumeister & Associates can take the burden off your back.

Work closely with our experts to ensure your tax preparation is compliant and accurate. Depending on your immediate need, our tax and accounting services for individuals include:

  • Expatriate tax preparation services: If you’re a U.S. citizen living overseas, we’ve got international advisors to help you file the U.S. ex-pat taxes yearly.
  • Estate tax returns: We’re one of the best accounting firms in Los Angeles to walk you through the estate tax preparation and filing process.
  • Getting you the individual taxpayer identification number
  • Planning, preparing and paying your income tax
  • Filing your return with accuracy
  • File returns electronically
  • W7 and W4 help

If you fear making mistakes in personal tax preparation because it might end up as penalties, we can help you file your income tax. Neumeister & Associates is a certified public accountant who can help you comply with tax laws changes.

#3. Marriage Tax Preparation

Your marriage impacts your tax situation. Experts in marriage taxes will offer you solutions such as:

  • Choosing the right filing status for you and your spouse
  • How to get tax bonuses when married
  • Help you avoid marriage tax penalty
  • Divorce planning: We can smoothen your financial, property, and tax settlement with our divorce-related tax planning services.

#4. Partnership Tax Services

Business partnerships can leverage tax-saving opportunities that the changes in federal tax laws present. Our experts will analyze the tax deduction your partnership can leverage and help you implement them for maximum benefits.

Other Tax Services You’ll Get

Apart from tax preparation services, you can get other services such as:

  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Financial planning
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Researching, drafting, filing, and negotiating Claims for refunds

With so much room for mistakes and the huge potential to get a larger return, you might want to leave tax preparation to the experts. You can then rest easy knowing a professional tax preparer handles everything for you.

Get a Tax Professional to Prepare Your Taxes

At Neumeister & Associates, we’ve offered expert tax preparation and planning services for over 20 years and can help you, too. We understand corporate tax return filling is complex, but if left unattended, IRS will quickly knock on your door.

Our professionals understand the ins and out of Los Angeles tax preparation services and can help you take advantage of the constantly-changing tax laws. We’ll scrutinize your business and personal returns to identify and correct mistakes that may otherwise cause IRS audits.

Contact us today for answers to any tax services questions you have.

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